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Table Service Restaurants 

Elevate your restaurant with an efficient table service POS system. Designed to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction, Blanket POS's table service tech stack can expedite table turnover, cut costs, and boost overall profitability for your establishment.



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Key Capabilities

  • Always On Mode prevents operational downtime

  • Mobile order takers increase service efficiency

  • Real-time, ingredient-level reporting reduces waste and improves profits

  • Highly customizable loyalty program encourages repeat customers 

  • CRM keeps customers constantly engaged

  • Flexible payments allow customers to pay however they choose

  • Workforce management facilitates on-the-go and automated scheduling

  • Kitchen display system improves back-of-house production

  • Open API supports custom integrations for your business needs

  • iPad interface offers familiar, simple, and quick transactions

  • 24/7 support provides ever-ready system assistance

Feature-Rich Software

Utilize advanced table service POS technology for enhanced mobility and faster table turnover.

  • Accelerate table turnover and minimize wait times with the implementation of mobile order takers.

  • Enhance order accuracy through Blanket POS restaurant table ordering system. Orders inputted into the POS, whether tableside or via a stationary terminal, seamlessly synchronize with your kitchen display system, ensuring prompt processing and contributing to increased customer satisfaction while minimizing food waste.

  • Optimize average check size, cut labor costs, and offer secure, low-contact ordering with Blanket POS SmartOrder.


Experience the tangible impact of mobility in business: Another Broken Egg Cafe witnessed an average time savings of 3.6 minutes per order with the implementation of mobile order takers. A thorough time and motion study revealed a remarkable 20 percent increase in table turnover compared to previous technology.

Featured Customers

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