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Specialty Retail POS

Optimize your retail operations, engage customers, and gain valuable data insights.


Blanket's cloud POS platform is built to simplify retail operations and delight your customers. Our platform is easily scalable, simple and quick to deploy, and will help you streamline your retail operations.

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Key Features

  • Deeper customer insights with built-in customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Highly customizable loyalty programs encourage return visitors 

  • Customer display systems improve order transparency and accuracy

  • Reporting tools for clear business insights

  • Workforce management to help with on-the-go and automated scheduling

  • Open API supports custom integrations for your business needs

  • iPad interface offers familiar, simple, and quick transactions

  • Online ordering allows your customers to conveniently place orders to pickup or have shipped

  • Multi-location management from a central console lets you keep tabs on your operations from anywhere, at any time

  • 24/7 support provides ever-ready system assistance

Software that Grows With You

Expand your physical retail footprint and reach audiences off-premises with Blanket POS's integrated online ordering partners.

  • Sell more products in more places and manage sales, inventory, and customer data in a single location through Blanket POS's system for your retail stores.

  • When it comes to order management, Blanket has fully integrated retail POS solutions designed to help you reach more people with your products and services, ensuring you have the right inventory on hand available through all of the channels where your guests want to connect with you. Send automatic stock alerts and generate purchase orders—to ensure inventory never runs out—with Blanket POS's inventory management system.

  • Easily find thousands of items by organizing them into categories. Get granular and display items by size and color in your inventory system. Inventory will update automatically across all ordering channels, so stock always stays up-to-date within your retail POS system.


Order management business impact: For one Blanket POS client, streamlined inventory for their order management was a game changer. The owner shared that Blanket POS was able to deliver on a fully integrated platform that POS competitors simply weren’t providing.

Featured Customers

Ready to learn more?  Request a free demo of Blanket POS for your restaurant today!

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