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Why Blanket POS?

Shape the POS API Solution Set of Your Choice with Blanket POS.

The Blanket POS Open API empowers you with the flexibility to adapt and evolve your business offerings.

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Open API and Your POS Platform

Easy Delivery App Integration

Expand your reach with the the Blanket POS plug-and-play api and connect to the most popular delivery apps.


Adaptability and Expansion Blanket POS's cloud-native point of sale and business management platform offers the significant advantage of an Open API. Recognizing the importance of your brand's agility in meeting consumer demands and navigating a dynamic marketplace, Blanket POS ensures flexibility.


Custom Crafted Tailoring is essential. Whether creating a loyalty program to boost repeat visits with top customers or adapting to unforeseen changes, such as a global pandemic, Blanket POS's array of integrated partners enables swift integration of top-tier solutions into Blanket POS Enterprise.


"The technology providers are constantly working to improve their product and take our feature requests and feedback into account when rolling out updates. We also love their open API which allows third party integrations like our rewards program, online and mobile ordering solution, accounting system and third party delivery vendors."

Tinku Saini,
CEO & Co-Founder, Tarka Indian Kitchen

Unleash Innovation with an Open API

Stay Ahead of Trends with Cutting-Edge Integrations

Innovation has always set enduring, successful brands apart. For those focused not just on the present but also on the future, our extensive network of integration partners empowers you to expand, experiment, forge new paths, and ultimately triumph in today's competitive landscape.

At Blanket POS, we prioritize quality integrations for our clients. Our certified integration partners undergo careful vetting, ensuring we recommend the very best solutions for a variety of enterprise needs. From CRM and marketing to workforce management and analytics insights, our integration partners provide your growing venture with the depth and reach required to lead the industry.

Additionally, we understand the value of custom builds tailored to your specific business requirements. Through a dedicated developer portal and an array of client resources, our team takes pleasure in witnessing the creative and occasionally game-changing custom solutions produced by your own developers.


Safeguard the Future of Your Enterprise

Unlock Untapped Potential

Integrations open the door to a wealth of management tools that can enhance your business success. With the appropriate integrations, you can consolidate everything from workforce management and payroll to customer loyalty programs within a single, centralized dashboard.

Streamlined Business Insights, All Consolidated Access the necessary insights in one central location and ensure seamless coordination across all your business operations. Connect with a Blanket POS product expert today to explore specific integrations and the opportunities offered through our open API.

Ready to learn more?  Request a free demo of Blanket POS today!

Integrated Solutions

Blanket POS collaborates with top-tier partners in the following categories:

  • Online and Mobile Ordering

  • Reporting

  • Accounting

  • Delivery Management

  • eCommerce

  • Marketing

  • Data Aggregators

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Inventory Management

  • Gift Cards

  • Employee Management

  • Payment Processors

  • CRM

  • Mobile Payment Processors

  • Analytics

Principals of Open API

Access the relevant insights in one centralized location and ensure seamless collaboration across all your business operations. Reach out to a Blanket POS product expert today to discuss particular integrations and explore the potential offered through our open API.

  • Standardized terms and service-level agreements (SLAs)

  • Extensibility, enhancements, flexibility and updates

  • Pricing and business model transparency

  • Testing/sandbox environments

  • Validation and certification

  • Re-use of best practice data

  • Self-service sign-up for API partners*

  • Public facing documentation

*Not yet available at Blanket POS, but on the roadmap for development.​

Ready to learn more?  Request a free demo of Blanket POS Open API Capabilities today!

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