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Why Blanket POS?

Effortlessly Handle Multiple Locations From Anywhere

The Blanket POS cloud POS platform gives you the utmost flexibility to address customer demands, respond to market changes, extend your reach, and crucially, boost profits. Customize solutions tailored to your business on the most versatile, secure, and dependable cloud platform designed for multi-location chains. 


Centralized Employee Data

Menu Consistency

Consistent Data Reporting

Manage and make adjustments to employee scheduling and payroll across all locations through Blanket’s backend dashboard for all your enterprise resource and employee management needs.

Eliminate data duplication and ensure consistency across your brand by utilizing EMS as the primary record system for product and menu data across all establishments. This serves as a unified data source for your brand's comprehensive business reporting, encompassing both top-line analytics and store-specific data.

Uniformize your menu offerings and products throughout all locations by effortlessly disseminating your menu from headquarters to each site. Blanket''s enterprise management software enables real-time updates and seamless distribution of changes to all locations with a simple click.

Access Real-Time Insights with Core Reporting XT

Core Reporting XT stands as a pivotal component within The Blanket POS native enterprise management system, featuring visual data dashboards crafted to aid in strategic decision-making, monitor key performance metrics on a large scale, and swiftly identify areas for improvement.

These dashboards offer a comprehensive overview of essential business performance measures, ensuring you extract the maximum value through data visualization and storytelling.


Effortlessly retrieve detailed reports for a single location or across multiple locations, addressing questions related to performance, comparisons, and trends, including:


  • Order history

  • Sales summary

  • Product mix

  • Labor forecasting

  • And more

One Source.  All Channels

Blanket POS's cloud-based POS platform simplifies the management and organization of order channel data across multiple locations. Whether you're introducing a new menu item to various store locations and their third-party integrations for online ordering and delivery, or seeking actionable business insights on your most lucrative revenue streams, we've got you covered.


Liberate Your Technology

Mobility has unequivocally revolutionized our lifestyles, impacting the way we engage in business.

Recognizing the importance of monitoring your multi-location business whether at home or on the move, Blanket POS provides a cloud POS system that allows you to standardize or customize your operations through a cloud-enabled portal. This approach grants you the insights and management controls necessary for critical updates 24/7, 365 days a year.

A Devoted, Long-Term Ally for Your Business

Beyond providing a dependable infrastructure, we recognize that effectively managing a multi-site brand requires collaboration. Therefore, we extend our commitment to partner with you at a level that aligns with your specific needs.

Whether it's aiding in project management during onboarding and rollouts or providing ongoing customer success management, our team thrives when you succeed, and we're here to support you throughout your journey.


Effective Solutions for Every Challenge

While your business may be intricate, managing your technology doesn't have to be! Built on the user-friendly iPad interface, our cloud POS software is accessible for on-site operators and corporate decision-makers alike. Harness our solutions for applied intelligence to enhance timing in various customer interactions throughout your sales process, predict substantial business shifts for your operational workflow, and make smarter sales decisions with data-backed improvements.

Reliable 24/7. No Compromises.

For businesses of any scale, unwavering reliability is essential. In the realm of managing a multi-location enterprise, the significance of dependable systems amplifies significantly.

Supported by the cloud, The Blanket POS platform remains secure and accessible around the clock. In the event of an Internet outage, our redundancies guarantee that you never miss a sale and that your reporting stays uninterrupted.


Ready to learn more?  Request a free demo of Blanket POS Multi-Location Management Capabilities today!

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