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Fast-Casual & Quick-Serve POS

Get a fast-service POS system that distinguishes your restaurant from competitors. Blanket POS's front-of-house and back-of-house solutions ensure outstanding speed of service, user-friendly interfaces, and efficient line management. Opting for the top quick-service POS system will streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance overall revenue.


The Whole Pie

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Blanket's complete POS system was built with pizzerias in mind. With our platform you have the ability to build a menu of pizzas or let customers fully customize a pie, all while keeping precise track of inventory levels and learning from real-time sales reports.

  • Flexible options for building your menu to your exact specifications

  • Pie customization for ½ and ½ toppings and special requests

  • Mobile and online ordering and integrated delivery so your customers can order how they want

  • Delivery management optimizes smarter routes and order tracking 

  • Inventory management for accurate, ingredient-level inventory insights

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) helping you build better relationships with your diners

  • iPad interface offers familiar, simple, and quick transactions

  • 24/7 support provides ever-ready system assistance

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How PayLo Dual Pricing and Blanket POS Helped One Restaurant Chain Turn Their Expansion Dreams into Reality.

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Bar & Tavern Solutions

Pour on the profits with Blanket’s the all-in-one POS platform designed to help you maximize your bar business. With a full bar tab management suite and mobile ordering functionality, Blanket's POS software will help your customers get fast, exceptional service. Access ingredient-level inventory controls that allow you to track the exact amount of alcohol poured, a feature proven to save managers hours per week on restocking.

Front-of-House Features

  • Mobile order takers increase service efficiency

  • Highly customizable loyalty program encourages repeat customers 

  • Customer display system improves order transparency and accuracy

Back-of-House Features

  • Ingredient-level inventory management for granular control

  • Reporting tools for clear business insights

  • Workforce management facilitates on-the-go and automated scheduling

On-the-Go Features

  • Delivery management optimizes smarter routes and order tracking 

  • Online ordering allows your customers to conveniently place orders to-go

  • Multi-location management from a central console lets you keep tabs on your operations from anywhere, at any time


  • We are here to help you migrate to Revel’s platform. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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Software for Every Service

Featured Customers

Enhance your kitchen processes and boost overall revenue through a cutting-edge kitchen management system.

Efficient operation of quick-service restaurants is crucial for success, and implementing the right technology can yield substantial efficiency benefits:

  • Enhance order management by synchronizing the kitchen display system with the QSR point of sale, bridging the gap between guest preferences and kitchen execution.

  • Reduce added costs, inefficiencies, and paper waste associated with printed tickets by adopting a seamless digital order flow, minimizing errors.

  • Organize kitchen stations with customized display screen views, allowing staff to filter orders based on status for easy prioritization.

  • Manage guest expectations and keep delivery drivers informed by utilizing digital notification boards near the to-go counter to signal when orders are ready for pickup.

  • Digitally track critical data and key performance indicators, such as average order prep time and order volume, through your quick-service point-of-sale system.

  • Apply insights gained from data tracking to enhance forecasting capabilities, ensuring your team is well-prepared to handle bulk ingredient and product preparation without running short on menu favorites.


 Observe the operational impact of kitchen management: Restaurants employing Blanket POS's KDS system experienced a notable time savings of approximately one minute per order in the back of the house. This significant improvement enhanced service speed and increased the total number of guests served.

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