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Choose from Low-Cost or No-Cost Payment Processing.

Why Blanket POS


Tired of fees eating up your profits?  Take a look at our very competitive traditional processing rates or our fee-free dual processing option.

Low-Cost Flat-Rate Processing

We offer competitive pricing with no-fee same-day funding for qualified accounts.

Swipe, dip and tap

2.60% + .10¢


2.95% + .25¢


3.40% + .10¢

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No-Cost Dual Price Processing

With Dual Pricing, the credit card fees are covered by the customer when they select a card payment option.

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= 0% fees to the merchant

What is Dual Pricing?

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A savings solution

All Blanket POS technology has the option for Dual Pricing  built into the equipment, allowing customers to choose between a cash price or a slightly higher card price at checkout.  The incremental difference of the card pricing covers the merchant's processing fees at the end of every month.


Dual Pricing

Clear and consumer-friendly

Dual Pricing integrates the benefits of cash discounting while adhering more closely to card provider regulations. It eliminates confusion by clearly displaying separate cash and card prices at the forefront of the transaction, setting it apart from cash discounting and surcharging.


Ready to learn more?  Request a free demo of Blanket Small Business Solutions Today!

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